About AI Music Generator

We're swiftly nearing an era where machines will co-exist with us, humans. First, we were given an unparalleled power to turn ourselves into anime characters. Then, we were able to ask an AI language model to write a piece of code and have an unprecedented opportunity to debug the code for the next 2 hours before it worked.

We're taking a further step now. Buckle up.

Now, a computer can generate an audio clip of up to 30 seconds for you. Remember how everyone of us dreamt about Shazam that would recognise a tune if we mumble it to it? Rakamakafo. Ts-ts-ts-ts bam-bam-bam.

I've got you covered, fellow.

There's one cage fighter who also happens to run a tech company in an area that was once famous for its gold sites. His company sometimes does virtues and releases software with its code blast open.

When I saw it, I could barely believe my eyes. I was thrilled and honoured to jump at the opportunity and make an app using that piece of open-sourced software. After all, I doubted that the cage fighter had time to work on an app himself. I had a few friends who did martial fights, and I know the trainings might be gruelling.

And here we are. AI Music Generator is up for grabs.

In its ascetic interface, you describe your tune, select length (up to 30s — because our robots also have worker's rights), & hit that Generate button. Generation might take up to 5 minutes. It's not because our robot is stupid. Neither is he lazy. Generating music can be compared to splitting an atom, to put it simply. It just takes time. It's complex.

Have fun, maestro.