Can I use the generated audio commercially?

That's what we're here for. Feel free to download, distribute, binge-listen, stir-fry, or even dance to the tune you've generated. It's completely copyright and royalty free. We'll be happy if you top up your account generously and generate as many tunes as you can.

Why is it slow?

Well, it's definitely now because our hard-working robot is stupid. Or, lazy. You see, generating an audio is comparable to splitting an atom, to put it simply. It's much more complex than one of those anime avatars I experimented with in the past.

30 seconds only? Really?

Our robot has worker's rights. Let's put it this way—our robot has just been admitted to a music academy, and is only learning how to write longer and more complex music.

Email? Password? What are you, Instagram?

We're desperately cosplaying it. It would have not been there unless it hadn't been a necessity. See, it doesn't matter how altruistic we want to be — at this point, it's just not possible. AI music generation is terribly costly and slow. And there's a reason why Nvidia is a trillion-dollar co now. Those GPUs are freaking expensive! So we're using accounts to simply limit your free usage and kindly ask to share the burden of paying off Nvidia if you're interested to make it your daily routine of cranking out robot-made tunes.

What about privacy?

We store the bare minimum. I'm a big advocate of privacy-conscious products. Check out privacy policies of my two previous products, for example — 1, 2. There's no Facebook or Google trackers on this website. Instead, "Fathom 4life" is my motto.

Is there any other AI projects I can have fun with?

Sure, I'm also poking at an AI nudes generator and Things To Do in Cities Around the World.